Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Welcoming Santa Fe Springs and La Habra to Our Blog

Our family has been serving the bicycle community in and around Whittier for 3 decades. We want to be sure that those of you in Santa Fe Springs and La Habra know that this store is only a short distance away, and we have the quality and customer service that you are looking for. We would like to offer any customer coming into the store during the month of April 2008, a 10% discount for all purchases if they mention this blog.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

We Love Oakley Sunglasses

We stock only the best line of each product. So Giant for Bicycles, Fox for Shocks, and Oakley for Sunglasses. Take a quick tour of the glasses we have in stock today. We always have a very large inventory, so you will be certain to find what you need.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Take a Tour and Learn All About Giant Bicycles

G's Cyclery is a one-brand store. As Earnest explains it. There's no reason to have another brand. Giant has it all.

Monday, April 21, 2008

G's to Participate in Whittier Bike to Work Day

On May 15, commuters throughout California are encouraged to cycle to work. The bike to work day event in Whittier will be held at the Historic Transportation Depot on Greenleaf. The city and various businesses will provide information on access to bike routes, promote safety and promote bicycling in general throughout the County. There will be prize drawings, food and drink and free hand-outs. G's Cyclery will be there to provide information and help. Please join us to promote this alternative way to commute which is both healthy and environmentally friendly.

A Short Tour

As you enter G's, take a quick look to the right for a site you won't find in every bicycle shop. You see, Earnest is just into bikes. He has other interests as well. He has 1000's of tin cars. If you enjoy checking out this very cool art form, you can do so to your hearts delight.

Further into the store, you will less surprised to see bicycles, tires, tubes, clothing, and all the other things you need to make your cycling experience perfect.

The store itself is on a great street in Uptown Whittier. Very, very cute. The interior has faux weathered brick and rafters that might give you a moments pause that you are actually in a quaint village in the South of France.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Imagine This

In this age of concern about carbon dioxide, climate change, renewable energy, and energy costs, the bicycle world is at the forefront of the solutions list. In fact, we've been way ahead of the curve. New solutions are on the way. Here are a few possibilities.
Seen here is a bicycle taxi. Certainly this is the wave of the future for downtown LA, Long Beach, and other beach cities.

Below is a better solution for getting the kids the 6 blocks to school. School systems throughout the South Bay should allow moms using one of these to have the best drop off spot.

Finally, below is the answer for the Harbor Fwy. The truck traffic coming from the harbor could be dramatically reduced if we could move to bicycle transportation. It is also possible to imagine a major reduction in use of fossil fuels if all UPS and FedEx deliveries were switched to similar trucks.

By the way, these three bicycles are in actual use for the applications shown in Holland, England, and India. No evidence that any importers are planning to sell them in the US.